Monday, January 16, 2012

The Internviews: Love em or Hate em...Wtf?

I've been watching these internviews pretty closely over the last few weeks, and wow what a unique and perplexing beast they are. After reading the comments posted on each video it is pretty hard to deny and ignore the fact that the majority of the people viewing (or at least the majority of the viewers posting) hate these videos. I can't necessarily say that I agree with this hatred, I mean the videos definitely are pretty weird, but I kind of dig them. The guests are pretty top notch (Bradshaw, Rice, Gabi Viteri, Eero Niemela, the Mitranis, Gigi, LNP, Gretchen Bleiler, E-Jack, Eddie Wall, Jussi Oksanen, Scotty Vine, Lauri Heiskari, Tim Humphreys and Gooner)  and for the most part, snowboard interviews are relegated to the print medium, so it's cool to see some video footage of these shredders just talking. It is not the guests however who fuel the fires of hatred as far as these videos are concerned, but rather the stony and laid back interviewer herself, Jade, who the masses seem to find most disagreeable.

I personally think she's funny and although her delivery might be more then a little non traditional, I think the questions Jade asks are actually pretty well though out, and for the most part allow for insightful answers from the subjects. As a journalism student myself, I would imagine it would be no easy task to secure an internship at a tight mag like snowboarder, so I'm guessing the girl has a true passion for snowboarding if she was able to pull this off and I think she deserves it. She obviously makes the subjects comfortable, and it looks like they are totally at ease when talking to her, and I've heard this is the toughest thing to accomplish as an interviewer. Her upbeat and not too serious attitude make the interviews an easy, lighthearted and entertaining watch, while simultaneously we get to learn some random things about our favorite snowboarders.

During the interview with Travis Rice, Jade mentions that she wants to go in a heli for her 21st. This girl is super young and I think the viewers should take that into account when they rip her a new one with all the negged out comments. Her age perhaps also explains her hilarious lack of knowledge about certain aspects of snowboarding and some of the ridiculous yet chuckle provoking questions she throws out at the snowboarders. For example when Eero is talking to her about Whistler, she asks "That's in Canada right?" lol hilarious. She also asks "who's Curt?" (Curt Morgan), asks Scotty Vine "So you're an Indian?" and asks Tim Humphrey's "Is there a difference between East coast and West coat riding", which was definitely the most knee slapping moment of all the interviews. I think the fact that she asks the questions is super endearing and only makes me think these interviews are even funnier. I've read comments where people are ragging on her for not knowing certain things but I think as an interviewer it's super rad that she doesn't pretend to know shit that she doesn't and that she is open and acknowledging of this.

All in all I liked the series, I mean come on this is snowboarding, the interviews shouldn't be serious Barbara Walters 20/20 affairs, and Jade is perfect for communicating this lightheartedness which is inherent in snowboarding. All the subjects seemed super cool and were great sports about doing these videos. Bradshaw's interview was tight and it was rad to hear Jade talk about him being himself and riding for the kids instead of sponsors and even radder to hear him talk about this himself. I love hearing LNP talk and this interview was no dissapointment, especially the Frank April and Oli Gagnon shout out. Everything in Eddie Walls interview was pure entertainment and seeing her try to talk to Timmy Humphreys about video games was pretty awkwardly funny. All in all with such an over saturation of web content in the last few years, it's refreshing and reassuring to see some quality stuff like this come out, and I can only hope there are more to come in the future!! Stay up Jade!!!

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