Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Hairy Snowboarder

I've been wanting to post about LNP's TWS Pro Spotlight since I got it in the mail a month ago, but school work and the rigors of having fun with my friends on the hill have prevailed until now.  I was, am and probably always will be a fan of Laurent Nicolas Paquin's snowboarding. Dude's amazing. His skill level is fucking nuts, but what has always seperated LNP was his sheer creativity and originality regarding the tricks he does, which is in a whole other league. There's quite a lot of lifestyle footage and coverage of him floating around out there and I've never really known what to make of the dude as just that, a dude. This interview however was the last small push it took for me to go from fan of his snowboarding to full blown fan of the dude himself. His passion for snowboarding is so undeniable and apparent from the way he talks about it and how he expresses his relationship with it to the level of success he has garnered for himself within the industry. LNP snowboards because it makes him happy, and it always hypes me up to see pros out there doing it for just that reason. I think it is pretty safe to say that the motivation to get himself to where he is at today stems from the right reasons (or at least what I think are the right reasons) and he has continued to embody this pure love of snowboarding throughout his career.

Recently someone turned me onto the Living Louie Vito web series and I have to be honest I can't say I was too stoked. He seems like a nice guy and he definitely rips on the board but I'm personally not really down to associate snowboarding with coaches, training and workout schedules. As a snowboarder the show is obviously entertaining as it's always pretty funny to get an in depth look into this choreographed side of things. After watching the web series, I re read LNP's spotlight and the dude just seemed even that much more legit.

His answers are pretty enlightening and let the reader really know where his priorities lie, not only in snowboarding but in life as well. When asked why he didn't take part in the Real Snow contest this year LNP put it bluntly " I was really looking forward to filming with the Videograss crew cause they're all my friends. For this year I just wanted to do another good part with Videograss, that's not on the internet, has all my shots and that kids will be stoked to see."

LNP is a snowboarder's snowboarder and a good reminder that no matter how many Livin Louie Vito reality series episodes there are out there, there are pro's still shredding with the homies whether the limelight is on them or not.

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