Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cringing Countdown #3

Nate Bozung - True Life
Here's another video I can't count how many times I've watched. One of the first videos I ever purchased before I had any idea what was really going on, this one was on repeat for a while. Who would've thunk Bozung's career would have turned out how it has, face tats and all (good to see the new web edit of him shredding at Brighton, killing it!) but back then he was just the young kid on the squad and I thought he was super sick. I still think the phone call at the start is so funny "Is Jessica home...do you know when she'll be home from school?" Classic, and the Method Man song always got me super hyped. The opening straight ollie over the double set is so burly and reminds me a lot of a skate clip and the 50-50 down the triple kinker with the red shirt on...soooo steezy. The gap to back board the other triple kinker is insane.

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