Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cringing Countdown

I'm seriously starting to get a bit itchy and antsy over here in Ontario as it really looks like snow is nowhere on the horizon. I been able to keep pretty mellow about the whole thing due to the fact that the weather has actually been pretty rad and I've been able to skate up until yesterday, the 27th of November, which is pretty rare. This all came to a crashing halt today when an intense rain storm hit Toronto and skating went straight out the window. Enough is enough, it's time to ride and I can't hold out much longer. In the wake of my acceptance of the fact that the reality of making it to the hills in the immediate future might not be too feasible I'm going to start a countdown of the 10 video parts that are helping me get through these last days and increasing my stoke for the winter!
 ** I am by no way saying these are in any way "the best" video parts of all time or whatever. Just some that I enjoy watching and get me excited about snowboarding.

1. Devun Walsh - The Resistance
I have hands down watched Resistance more then any other snowboard video and this part more then any other part in the video. It's no secret I'm a huge Devun Walsh fan and although the dude has a ton of parts to choose from, the one always make it to the top of my favorite lists. It's short and sweet and the fact that he filmed it in 6 years always blew my mind and made me feel super lazy. Some people don't like the disclaimer at the start of the part but who cares? I think it's pretty rad that all of that was filmed in 6 days and who wouldn't want people to know that? Plus D Walsh is OG as shit so he can do whatever he wants. The sw bs 180 at 1:18 is tiiiight.

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