Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cringing Countdown 5

Jody Wachniak/Kevin Griffin - YO! 8 Mile Life
8 Mile just came out with a new flick Vacay and I've posted about it, KG and Jody both destroy shit in that vid, but their part in DOPE is still my fav by far. DOPE much like 8 Mile and more specifically Jody and Griffin themselves are what I personally look for in snowboarding, and it makes me super happy to see actual good riders doing it the way I think it should be done. Fuck all the bullshit, image, contest shit and just go out and kill it with the homies. Read Kevin's interview in the latest Snowboard Canada profile issue and you will quickly realize this dude has the right outlook on the whole thing and as snowboarders we would be more then fortunate to have more people like Mr. Kevin Griffin and Mr. Jody Wachniak as ambassadors and representatives of the lifestyle we call snowboarding. They shred to a Big L song, can't complain about that choice, plus the tricks are smooth butta pop to make your jaw go drop. Of course I am giving them extra points for being Canadian, but that is beside the point, They are incredible riders with steeze for days and some solid values that I can definitely align my outlook with. Plus lately Griffin has been getting lots of coverage wearing 5 panel hats, one of the few I've seen in snowboarding, and I don't even think he realizes how rad that is! Wachniak's intro is hilarious then he goes on to kill it with an abundance of noseslide variations followed by Griffin's equally gnar clips, my personal best being the sw back lip while wearing the bomber jacket and then the back board front 5050 line on the wooden rail...Steeze! If you are young and Canadian and can't afford a lift these dudes.

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